Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time Management success

Well we had our first time management class on Monday and it was a great success. Heidi, our wonderful facilitator wrote up a few points about the class and here they are:

- the class was a mix of lecture, individual reflection, partner sharing and group discussion

- the group had a lot of energy and shared valuable ideas with each other

- my favorite suggestion was "get rid of anything in your life that is asking more of you than it gives you" ((This is my personal favorite of all of these thoughts too!))

- lots of people were shocked to see how far off their daily activities were from what they identified as their core values - hopefully they were spurred on to make some changes!

- the class ended with action planning and coaching with a partner- there was lots of laughter :)

Hopefully Heidi will offer another one of these great classes again! YAY Heidi!

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