Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Great Sew-Up Seattle Event!

Here's something from Sew Up Seattle!

Sew Fun Bags 2010 – The Challenge

Hi All you Community Sewing Enthusiasts!

We are having another sewing recycling adventure this time with a twist. We are creating cloth bags at the Ballard Library Community Room (it is becoming a fall time habit – 3 years now) in conjunction with Sustainable Ballard and’s World Day of Service in order to call attention to climate change on Sunday 10-10-10. The twist is the challenge aspect. We will have only 10 machines and 3 hours to create as many bags as possible in that time. (I don’t think it is mathematically possible to do much more than 90 bags with experienced sewers who have had prep time.) Sew Up Seattle has procured plenty of fabrics, and Ballard Quality Sewing and Machine is loaning the machines. By providing an opportunity for people to come sew their own bags we will reduce the number of disposable bags generated. By teaching folks to sew, we increase the likelihood that even more reusable bags will be made, and used and reused.

We need people to volunteer for all shifts to guide work party participants through the process as well as brainstorming and gathering minimal material donations pre-event. If you have helped out before you know how much fun this is. We also need help getting the word out.

The volunteer roles that need to be filled are: Pre-event; -challenge brainstorming and notions gathering, Day of event; guides, coaches and machine monitors and clean-up reallocating of resources (We believe that no scrap is too small, we just don’t have room to store it all.) The work party day shifts are 12:30-2:30, 2:00-4:00 and 4:00-5:00. The Challenge will run from 1-4 but we will need time to set up and clear out.

Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering, what time you are available your preferred role (challenge brainstorm, gatherer, guide, coach or machine monitor. If you have questions or need more information let us know.

Let the Challenge Begin!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brand New Class- Discover Decoupage!

Discover Decoupage

Always wanted to be an artist but thought you did not have the talent? Well, you do!

Decoupage is one of the most forgiving of the arts. In fact, you have probably been doing it since kindergarten or
before. After all, the basic materials are just paper, scissors, and glue.

We will start out discussing color, texture, pattern, design—and how to bring them all together. We will go over
where to find the “paper”—from junk mail to high-end coffee table books and everything in between. We will talk
about the five steps of the design process—picking the surface, theme, colors, background, and pictures. And then
we will start putting it all together.

The instructor has taken care of step 1 by providing basic, well-used, less-than-attractive, cardboard magazine
holders. She is also bringing along her collection of literally thousands of pictures, wallpaper samples, patterned
papers, and 3-D embellishments. She will have lots of decoupage medium (just white glue and water), brushes,
scissors—everything you will need to complete your art piece. You just need to promise to wear clothes that can get
dirty—it will get messy—and to help clean up at the end.

The session will start at 1:00 p.m. and you can stay until you are done (up to 4 hours). All ages are welcome—entire
families are encouraged.

Crown Hill United Methodist Church
8500 – 14th Avenue NW
Bus Routes #48 or #15
Enter through the north parking lot door or the east handicap door and follow the signs to the Fellowship Hall.

Dorothy Skans is a grandmother, life-long crafter, sometimes frustrated artist, writer, editor, and document designer
as well as a Seattle native. Nearing retirement, she and her husband are planning to move to the Washington coast
and take up their hobbies full time. In the meantime, she has decided to join Seattle Free School in order to pass
along her love of paper art as well as to pass along her over abundance of paper.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Travel Info, FREE!

Did you know that Hostelling International hosts free classes here in Seattle about different parts of the world and travelling? While I'm not going to this one (my travel bug is too strong to resist going and I don't need this temptation!) this would definitely be a great class to attend if you wish to go off the beaten tourist track. See a different world or stoke your travel fires with this great free event!

Travelling the Trans Siberian Railroad