Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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For folks that haven't received it yet but want to, and for folks that aren't signed up to our email list....

volume 23

Seattle Free School

Good Problem- Bad Problem
Well, I'm sure many of you heard the radio broadcast of KUOW on Seattle Free School and DIY. That, along with our Conscious Choice article and the article in the Seattle Times has really pushed up our email list numbers. I think we're nearing 650 of you folks now. Isn't that great! Yup, it is. Sadly our email provider isn't as happy about it. See, we're not allowed to send that many emails in a day. If you read the blog you'll have heard about this already but basically all ability to send email was shut down last week after I sent out the group email (without warning! Nice!). So while we're looking into other options, and ruling things out (no, we'll probably not be a google group) for now and starting next time we'll be using several email addresses similar to this one. Keep your eyes open for emails from seattlefreeschool1 at gmail.com and the like. For this week we're just splitting things into two emails so some of you will get this a day later then others. Ah the joys of growing pains! Also a good reminder to subscribe to our blog. If we're shut down here we'll let you know about it there.

Organizers Meeting
Saturday the 19th of July we'll be having an organizers meeting. Anyone and everyone is welcome. We'll be discussing Seattle Free School, issues and opportunities and whatever else happens to come up. We'll be meeting at Allegro Coffee at 3pm (most likely upstairs) so come and join us if you'd like to play a bigger role in the Free School!

Volunteers Needed!
Folks, so the nice people at Rat City Roller Girls are letting us set up a table outside of their next bout! We need a few good folks (and bad ones too) to help us talk about Seattle Free School and hand out small flyers. If you're up for it please let us know by responding to this email. The date is August 16th. You don't need to have taught at Seattle Free School or even taken a class to participate. Just be excited about what's going on here and willing to talk about it! And hey, if you are a printer or can print us out a banner or large sign for this for free do let us know that too!

Another opportunity is the Sustainable Ballard Festival in September, the 27th and 28th to be precise. We'll be having a table there too, and hopefully some folks will come out and teach! I'll be learning and talking about it more at a meeting this Wednesday and will fill you all in a bit more next week but in the meantime if you'd like to be a part of this just let us know!

Other places that offer free classes
So since some of you are new to Seattle Free School I'd like to point out that not only do we offer free classes but we also try to provide a clearinghouse of all the other places in the city that might offer free classes too. Nonprofit or not, anyplace that offers truly free classes we'd like to know about and will post on our other free classes page. This gives everyone that visits our site a repository of where they can learn about something without having to pay. So if you know of free classes that aren't listed on our website please do let us know! Click here to see what we know of thus far...

Finally this week I'm not sending out flyers. If you'd like to print out a flyer and hang it somewhere you frequent already please let us know and we'll send you one.


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