Monday, July 14, 2008


This warm weather has me thinking about teaching an Eskimo roll class. Trouble is that the best place I've found to practice rolling that's free is up at Rattlesnake Lake outside of North Bend, quite a drive for Seattle folks. If you know of a place that might work let me know. (

What we'd be looking for in a spot is the following...

a good slope from the shore which allows for a person to roll and another to stand beside them to help.... in other words there needs to not be a big drop off from the shoreline.

Safe water... you know, relatively clean or safe for swimming since we're all gonna spend some time getting this stuff in our noses

No big waves!... waay too scary to try this with big tanker waves washing over you... not to mention that it makes the person helping you a little useless.

A place big enough for several groups of people... thinking about 8-10 students, all with kayaks.

Of course a swimming pool works but getting access to one for free might be tricky. Who knows, maybe I'll do one at rattlesnake if we can't find anything else... it's a pretty lake. Of course, while I know I can roll a whitewater kayak we'll all have to see if I can roll my sea kayak!

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