Thursday, July 3, 2008

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For those of you that didn't get it...
Volume 23
Seattle Free School
Seattle Free School goes to Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco
Huh? Yup folks it seems that our most recent bit of press may well have made it out of Seattle. Conscious Choice published an article mentioning Seattle Free School. Since they're in these other cities and since this was the cover story it seems we may well have received press in these other towns. How cool is that?

THIS THURSDAY, July 3rd Jessica will be on KUOW with folks from Seattle DIY and the Bikery collective. The show is Weekday with Steve Scher on KUOW 94.9 Public Radio and it will be live from 10am to 11am. The call in number while the show is on air Thursday is 206-543-5869 or 1-800-289-5869. People can also email So call in or email your questions and comments folks!

As we all know, Seattle Free School was on the cover of the Seattle Times local section this Sunday. Thanks to this bit of press we've got at least 100 new people on this email list and so we'd like to welcome you all and thank you for signing up. We'd also like to ask you for your help... first, please forward this email (or a link to our website) along to folks you know. Seattle Free School started in exactly this way, by passing along emails to people we thought might be interested and we've continued to grow with this sort of support. So please, forward this to people you know. Second... well, see below...

Going Strong
Currently Seattle Free School has over 575 members on this email list! Amazing considering we started with nothing just this January! What I'd like to ask is the same thing I ask every week but with a twist. Attached to this email is a flyer for Seattle Free School.** to blog readers, just email us and we'll send you a flyer** Just imagine what would happen if each person on this email printed out ONE FLYER and hung it up at their favorite coffee shop, grocery, work place, church, community center, business, nonprofit, neighborhood center, etc! Since the flyer is really two flyers printed on one little page this would be over 1000 flyers up in Seattle and that many more people we'd be reaching, that many more people with skills they might want to teach, that many more people with contact lists of other folks in Seattle. It won't take more then a few pennies if that of your resources, and not more then a few minutes of your time since you go to these places anyway, but the power of it would be absolutely amazing. So really, if you believe in what we're doing here I just ask that you take a few minutes to make this something you do today. As a note, while the flyer is printable in full color it prints just fine in black and white, no need to waste your valuable color ink if you don't want to. And of course we have other flyers in larger formats should you want something else, just ask! (please make sure you have permission to post, just ask, most folks are pretty nice about it!)

New Class
I'm not sure how many weeks in a row it's been that I've been announcing a new class but here's two more.

Folks that have gone to my soap making class have heard me talk about hot process soap making but up until now we haven't had the ability to actually make it happen. Now, thanks to the wonderful folks at Cascade People's Center, we do! Our first class in this new space will be Hot Process Soap Making. Not only is this process a ton easier then cold process but you can use the soap right away. August 11th at 7:30pm at the Cascade People's Center. Sign up on the website.

Also another class on how to get your Irish Citizenship, Monday, August 4th at 7:30pm at Allegro Coffee in the U District (class will be upstairs at Allegro, door in the alley). This class is open to everyone but we'll only be covering how to get citizenship for folks with a parent or grandparent born on the island of Ireland (Northern Ireland is fine). Sign up on the website. And yes, we will be holding this class again for those of you that are on vacation that week.

Computer Class
So again, we're looking into teaching some computer classes... and here's the link to the survey you can take to help us know what you'd like to learn... no really, this time the link really is to the computer class!

As always I want to thank every single person on this email list. Without you there would be nothing for the press to write about. Without you there wouldn't be folks signing up to teach, folks signing up to learn and an email list of almost 600 people. Seattle Free School is only successful because of you. So KUDOS to every single one of you!

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