Monday, November 10, 2008


Many of you have attended Seattle Free School classes at the Cascade People's Center. Without the Cascade People's Center many of the classes Seattle Free School offers simply would not be able to happen. Unfortunately the City Council hasn't put the Cascade People's Center into next years budget, and without this funding the Center will have to close December 31st.

Many people ask us what they can do to help Seattle Free School and now we're letting you know that helping Cascade People's Center is indeed helping Seattle Free School. For more information about how you can help please read this information from Cascade People's Center:

Save Cascade People’s Center!
Call and/or email all City officials with the following message so our voices can be heard!

We will not let the City close OUR Cascade People’s Center!

Cascade People's Center closing after 10 years serving the people of South Lake Union.

Over 6,000 low-income residents losing “heart and home” when Cascade People's Center closes December 31, 2008 as a result of City funding cut.

Cascade People's Center will close December 31st as a result of the City of Seattle's decision to cut funding for the community-run, nonprofit family support center. These funds supported the Center's core funding, without which it will be unable to continue operating. This will bring devastation to literally thousands of individuals who participate in support services offered through the Center each year.

Located at 309 Pontius Avenue, Cascade People’s Center is an essential community resource in the Cascade community, providing free programs and space for over 6,000 local residents each year. All the services are provided at a SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS to the City of Seattle and free of barriers to the community.

More than ten years ago, community members rallied to save the Center’s building from being torn down in order to create a community center focused on family support and environmental sustainability. Today, volunteers do over 60% of the Center’s work and the bulk of the Center’s activities are made possible by in-kind support from local businesses, organizations and residents. Numerous local businesses and grassroots community groups also partner with Cascade People’s Center to offer a wide variety of programs.

The Center is one of six family support centers operated in King and Snohomish Counties by Lutheran Community Services Northwest. As the only public facility for the community in this neighborhood, families and community members will be significantly impacted by the Center’s closure.

All Center programs are community-driven, free and open to the public, including: school readiness and after-school enrichment, parenting classes, support groups, skill building classes and resource and referral.

The closure of the Cascade People’s Center will be a huge loss not only for thousands of low-income families, children and community members but also for the entire Cascade neighborhood and the city of Seattle.

For more information:
Say or write something about why the center is important to you (what programs benefit you and your family, what you love about the Center, etc) to make this message personal and unique.
Use the information provided in the press release above to create a message to send to City officials and local media.

For phone calls: Be sure to say your full name at the beginning of the message.
For Emails: Be sure to include your full name in your sign-off, for example: Sincerely, Jane Doe.
City officials who need to hear from you!
Mayor Greg Nickels: 206-684-4000 or email by clicking
Seattle City Council Members:
Sally Clark by
email or phone: 206-684-8802
Richard Conlin by
email or phone: 206-684-8805
Tim Burgess by
email or phone: 206-684-8806
Jan Drago by
email or phone: 206-684-8801
Jean Godden by
email or phone: 206-684-8807
Nick Licata by
email or phone: 206-684-8803
Richard McIver by
email or phone: 206-684-8800
Tom Rasmussen by
email or phone: 206-684-8808
Bruce Harrell by
email or phone: 206-684-8804

Media Contacts:
Make public comments on media message boards, comment on blogs, write letters to the editor and please encourage your friends and fellow supporters to do so as well.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Email Letters to the Editor: Or Mail: P.O. Box 1909, Seattle, WA 98111-1909

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