Monday, November 24, 2008

Our latest newsletter

Haven't been posting these for a while but this one is so chalked full of information that I figured I'd put it up! So here it is:

Seattle Free School Update

Waste Free Holidays/ Celebrate Local Classes! Seattle Free School is participating in this years Celebrate Local celebration and pledge drive. You can learn more about the drive and Celebrate Local here: Check it out as you can win FABULOUS PRIZES!

In keeping with Celebrate Local and Waste Free Holidays our wonderful instructors Clare and Grace have put together a list of classes to help you celebrate the holidays without creating a bunch of waste. What could possibly be better then a homemade, heart felt gift for the holidays? As always you can sign up for one of these wonderful classes on our website

Friday November 28th Leg warmers and arm warmers Class time and location: 1pm -3pm at the Giving TreeLeg and arm warmers are not only fashionable and easy to make but keep you warm and cozy. An easy Holiday gift to make for yourself or others! This class is also a great opportunity to exchange fabric and with class mates.Materials Needed:Fabric (old sweaters or long sleeve shirts work best), yarn, ribbon, or elastic from old garments or bed sheets, sewing thread, sewing needle, decorations (more ribbon, buttons, bows, etc)

Saturday November 29th Felt Gift bags Class time and location: 1pm -3pm at the Giving TreeEver wash a nice sweater in a machine, not realizing that the sweater was wool. Were you intrigued by the outcome? Well, my friend, you discovered felting and this class is for you!In this workshop students will use hand stitch, crochet, reweaving and other possible techniques to embellish and recreate wool scraps into bags of various types and uses- small little envelopes for tiny personal gifts (earrings, scrip cards whatever) and lunch bag size felt bags for bigger more substantial giftsMaterials needed:Multiple Felt pieces at least 5"-7." Smaller felt for embellishmentEmbroidery flossEmbroidery needlesSize 6-8 crochet hook (optional)Buttons Assorted trim Notebook and pencil

Saturday December 6 Rag rugs and bagsClass time and location: 1pm -3pm at the Giving TreeYes - another textile recycling class! This time we will deconstruct wool and cotton work shirts into durable natural fiber rugs. These work up quickly through crochet, knit or braiding techniques just in time for frugal Christmas and other Holiday gifts. Students should have a basic understanding of knitting and/or crochet or a willingness to experiment. Materials list:Old clothing and fabric suitable to be cut into strips, preferably 100% cotton or wool.Scissors or rotary cutter and matNeedle ThreadSize 11 knitting needle or size j or k crochet hookBraiding bodkinsNotebook and pencil

Saturday December 13 Draft BustersClass time and location: 1pm -3pm at the Giving TreeSave energy and keep the cold out with sustainable draft busters! These terrific home accessories reduce heating costs by keeping heat inside your home while using materials you might otherwise throw away.Materials Needed:Fabric (old clothes, blankets, pillow cases work well), yarn or ribbon, sewing needle, sewing thread.Materials list:FabricNeedle and threadSaw dust to stuff the things (provided by the giving tree)Notebook and pencil

Saturday December 20 Aluminum Candle Shields/OrnamentsClass time and location: 1pm -3pm at the Giving Tree Create Aluminum reflective shields for tea lights to light the long winter nights, (not to mention - find a use for all those extra pie tins and roaster pans that have one more use left in them) Students will emboss, cut and hole punch stars, angels, and other winter totems to fashion beautiful items to keep and share.Materials:Aluminum pie pans or roasting panStylusAll purpose scissorsTea lightsNotebook and pencil

Saturday December 27 Wine cork bulletin boards office sets and TrivetsClass time and location: 1pm -3pm at the Giving TreeA worthy project and not for the faint of heart. This is one of those times to imbibe and know that in the New Year you will be better off for it as you collect wine corks and other do dads to create items that will help you organize the year. The corks and frame will be transformed to a bulletin board. Salt boxes, pringle cans, and oatmeal boxes will transform into a matched office set for organizing pens and pencils, paper clips and who knows what else. Corks - lots of them at least 20 for a small boardWood picture frame Cardboard boxes and cans.Mat board to fit the size of your frameOld Maps2008 CalendarsNotebook and pencil

Seattle Free School Holiday Party!!!Don't forget to mark your calenders for the Seattle Free School holiday party and wrapping event. If you've gone to one of our soap classes then you know that all the soap made in these classes will be donated to local shelters for the holidays. So on Thursday, December 18th meet us at the Giving Tree and help us cut and wrap the soap we've made all year. If you'd like you can bring fabric and string and even something to eat but none of that is required. So come help us celebrate the holidays and give back to our community. Hope to see you all there!

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