Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meet a Facilitator

We put this info out in one of our emails but currently we're having issues with pictures so here's our lovely Beth and her write up about Seattle Free School!

My name is Beth and I'm a 28 year old transplant from California. I've been teaching with SFS for a year now, everything from astrology to brewing to writing to job hunting.

I first heard about SFS from a flyer posted at Wayward Coffee House in Greenwood (one of my most favorite spots in for java in the city). I was looking for an inexpensive belly dance class, and happened upon the flyer for becoming a facilitator. I've taught multiple subjects in a variety of venues my entire life, so I jumped right in and began teaching.

At first it was a little intimidating, but all my class attendees have been fabulous, and the other facilitators are a lot of fun. I've taken several classes through SFS, and am always eager to learn more. It's truly amazing how much knowledge is out there, many of which is very 'niche' and hard to find in a standardized pay-for-course setting.

Facilitating has helped me hone my public speaking skills, learn the layout of Seattle better, and meet new people in my new hometown. It has also prompted me to learn more about subjects that I'm teaching, and exposed me to new skills (through other facilitators).

Anytime a student of mine says they know how to perform some skill, I always try to encourage them to teach it. You never know who might be really wanting to learn those skills! Seriously, I'm still hoping someone will sign up to be a facilitator for a belly dance class. Please? ;)

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olanbiten said...

Hi Beth,

If you want to learn belly dance..I can teach you guys..!!That`s great idea..I will go to meeting on 24th, so I think I can talk about that with SFS..See belly dance class..Ozlem