Wednesday, December 10, 2008

White Lists, Black Lists

Ah the fun of starting a new listserve. For those of you that don't know many companies block bulk mailings so you don't get spam. While this is great it also means many of you didn't get your Seattle Free School update yesterday. If you have ATT, Comcast or Clearwire for your email service provider you were sadly left out of the loop. We're working now to get put onto the white lists for these companies but in the meantime it's a good reminder to make sure that is marked as safe in your email program.

For those of you that did miss the email I'll recap briefly here...

Our new website is live and is awesome. Check it out at

We've got a new mailing program that once this white list stuff is worked out will be perfect!

We're having our Holiday party! We'll be wrapping the soap we've made for shelters and having a bit of a potluck. If you can make it please email us at

More classes coming soon!

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