Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Soap Making Class

So tonight I saw the wonderful movie What Would Jesus Buy? A great inspiration and something everyone should see. And yes, it inspired me too. In fact, I've decided that all soap made this year at Seattle Free School (well, and probably forever as long as I'm the teacher) will be donated to local shelters at Christmas. Often folks at these shelters are short on personal care items and hopefully a bar of really nice soap will be something they can both use and enjoy.

Eventually we will be taking donations to help with this project. What? Donations? I thought Seattle Free School didn't take donations?? Well, we don't take cash donations, but should someone want to bring soap making supplies to class or help later in the year when it comes time to cut and wrap the soap we'll sure take that. Start saving your scraps of fabric and bits of yarn to use as wrapping (works better on soap then paper and can be reused to wrap other stuff or craft with). A full list of things you can donate will be posted when we finally find a kitchen to use for this project. As a note, most everything needed for soap costs less then $10 each, often even less, so again, we're not looking for any huge handouts here, just a bit if you can afford it. Of course, we will never charge even a donation for any Seattle Free School class... it's up to you if you want to (or can) bring stuff.

To become inspired yourself check out Reverend Billy's site here...

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