Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Press!!! And our Soap Project!!!

For those of you not on the email list here's a bit of what's going on at the Seattle Free School...


There's quite a bit of excitement at the school this week. Not only is our very first class this Friday (Keeping Chickens in the City, U Dist Library, Saturday 10:30 am) but we've managed to get a ton of press. Check out our press page here:http://seattlefreeschool.googlepages.com/seattlefreeschoolinthepress
Not only that but we're getting into another paper soon... Jessica is interviewing this week!

If you are from the press or have press contacts and would like to do a story about Seattle Free School please contact us, we'd love to talk to you.

More Classes!!!

Also look for an announcement coming soon about a bunch more Seattle Free School classes. While we haven't found a kitchen to use, Jessica is going to work on doing the cheese class and soap class without kitchen space. Will prove to be a bit tricky but it can be done.

The Big Soap Project!!!

Finally Seattle Free School would like to announce its soap project. All soap made in Seattle Free School classes will be donated to various shelters as Holiday gifts.

While we normally don't really take donations we will accept soap making supplies to help with this project. Making soap requires the following... so if you'd like to donate these please feel free... just reply to this email and we'll figure out a drop space:
Olive Oil
Palm Oil
Coconut Oil
Essential Oils (please no perfume oils as some folks are allergic to these)
Parchment paper (used stuff from a local bakery works fine as long as it's not too dirty... thinking of the stuff used to wrap baguettes for example)
unused coffee grounds... once we find a kitchen we'll be able to use used coffee grounds but for now...

You'll notice we didn't include Lye. Yes, soap making does require that but we don't want to get any of you in trouble by asking you to buy large quantities of lye! We'll provide that.

As a note, the project will move forward donations or not so get ready to make some soap as we hope to have A LOT of classes and make a lot of soap to give away!

And for all you crafters out there (and anyone with usable fabric scraps... old clothes with good spots?) save your scrap fabric and yarn for our wrapping party to come during the Holiday season. We'll be cutting up the soap, packaging it up with fabric, yarn and labels and taking it to the shelters! This should be a very fun time. Maybe we'll have a potluck.. if so I'll bring my homemade Tiramisu!

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See you all at a Seattle Free School class soon!

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