Monday, February 4, 2008

Seattle Free School Update

Well, things are coming along nicely. We had a meeting with Olympia Free School and got to see their space which was great! They have been so helpful in starting out and Seattle Free School is on the cover of their publication so that's great.

We should be having a City Chickens class very soon and will just be asking folks to help out with flyering. The other thing that would be super helpful is for anyone with any publication connections to help us get publicity. I should have a press release about our first class soon and will send it out broadly to see what sort of publicity we can drum up. Since we won't be paying for anything connections will play a huge part in what we can accomplish.

Anyone that has any connections please let me know as I won't try to make some at whatever publications you already have.

Also if you think there are places that we should list classes let me know that too... I've made a tentative list but I'm sure I've left a ton of publications out.

Alright folks.... get your chicken herding hats ready!

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