Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beekeepers! Prepare Your Hives

On Tuesday, May 8 we registered you for a 2-hour class "Keeping Bees in the City" at Green Lake Library. But 2 hours are just not enough.

Fortunately for you we have our upcoming 3-part beekeeping series - beginning in a few days. With an optional field study if you attend all the way through and decide you want to get serious about apiary.
Class 1 5/23/12
Do you really want to keep bees?
Who is in the hive?
Basic starting equipment
Rules and regulations

Class 2 5/30/12
Getting Bees
Equipment for the honey season
Honey Season month by month
Pests and diseases

Class 3 6/6/12
Harvesting honey
Preparing for winter
Second year and beyond

Class 4 (alternate onsite)
Live hive inspection

Of course Seattle Free School is not your only fountain of knowledge. Puget Sound Beekeepers Association will let you know about work parties and apiary sites for you to explore and learn from. Seattle Tilth, too, offers classes on beekeeping. Although those classes begin at $25 and for 2012, don't start until August.

May we suggest you come get a little honey this Wednesday, 6:30 PM, at Green Bean Coffeehouse? (8533 Greenwood Ave N) We can promise you a sweet time.

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