Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicken Resources

If you can't make it to our Keeping Chickens in the City class these resources should help you get started.

Resources – This is a great site for everything related to your chickens. Not only does it have all the info you need to raise chickens but there’s a forum to help you find chickens, help deal with any health issues, you name it! – You can order a small number of chicks here and also learn about breeds etc.
Seattle Tilth – Seattle Tilth site of chicken information - just some general info on keeping chickens in our the city including some funny stories

Chicken Food

Del’s Farm Supply- multiple locations

Organic Chicken Food
DeYoung’s Feed- Woodinville

Hay’s Feed Store- Burien

Walt’s Organic Fertilizer Co- Seattle

Skagit Farmers Supply
Multiple locations

Bothell Feed Center- Bothell

Grange Country Store Co-op, Issaquah
(425) 392-6469

Lande Feed Store, Maple Valley
Monroe Feed Store, Monroe
Del’s Farm Supply, multiple locations
Bothell Feed Center, Bothell
Grange Country Store Co-op, Issaquah
Hay’s Feed Store, Burien – lots of rare breeds but have to order 20+ at a time – can order as little as 3 chicks at a time!

Yahoo Group- or their website here:

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