Thursday, September 3, 2009


According to Ellen DeGeneres we wear clothes because they have pockets, and thus a place to put our hands. But frankly pockets are great for everything. Not losing those little things that would be difficult to carry without them, for placing important things that you don't want to damage banging around in your bag, and well, for your hands too.

Wish you had more pockets in your life? Well then Sew Up Seattle can help you. Here's the information about their upcoming class:

Pockets - September 26 from 11 - 1 at
Goods for the Planet, 525 Dexter Ave N (Dexter & Mercer)
Guys and Gals
We'll put pockets on and in clothing, bags, hats, etc. or just make pockets for the fun of it. Bring your own articles, equipment and supplies or use and choose from our stash.
Let us know that you would like to come by emailing sewupseattle at or call 206-784-7117.

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