Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pictures from the Motorcycle Maintenance Class!

Just a couple of pictures from the Motorcycle Maintenance for Women Class. So fun to see a motorcycle inside of the Cascade People's Center. I wonder if that's the first time that's happened?


Sophia said...

Hi I just came across this blog. Do you have anymore information about this motorcycle maintenance class? I see that it has passed, but will there be any more? Thanks

Seattle Free School said...

Colin, our instructor, is actually talking about doing a different maintenance class, one more focused on specific types of maintenance. We probably won't have another class exactly like this again for a while but definately sign up for the email list and then you'll know should anything come up. www.seattlefreeschool.org will get you to the place where you can sign up to be emailed. As a note, we don't email more then once a week (if that!) and don't share information with anyone.