Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bath Poof Dress

For you beginning sewers out there this is a project you can do with very little trouble, and it's a good way to recycle those bath scrubbie thingies that are made of plastic. Take a look at this great video our lovely teacher Beth forwarded:
Bath Poof Dress


Anonymous said...

How could I miss this class??????
I checked the website last week and did not see info about it!!!!!
I hope everybody had alot of fun. The video link is ok - but I did not think that the project finioso looked as nice as I now I am sorry I watched it....

Seattle Free School said...

There was no class... just a mini class which is something we're hoping to post on the blog regularly. Basically just information to share that doesn't require an entire real life class. I wasn't totally sold on the dress either but I bet it would look great if you simply got enough of the same color poofs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Free School - so I didn't miss a thing then.

I never imagined that they would unravel their poof.
I can't say that what I imagined would have been more attractive.

Happy Sewing!