Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Book on the Blog

Several times Seattle Free School has been asked for information about starting a free school. Rather then writing something for print publication I (Jessica) am thinking I'll just post my thoughts and experiences about it here. I'll post "chapters" as I write them and welcome any and all feedback from other people about their experiences and thoughts. Might as well use this blog as a learning tool too right?

Here's the outline (anything else we should cover??):


What is a Free School?

Money- Taking money or going without
Space- How to find it
Promotion- How to spread the word and get interest
Teachers- Getting other people teaching
Politics- Politically affiliated or not
Community- Knowing your community-its wants and needs
Partners- Working with established groups to get space, spread the word and grow
your School

Getting the Word Out

Email- Growing your email list, proper emailing and how to not make people cranky
Website- What information do you want to share and how
Printing/flyering- Getting the word out in the material world

Press- How to get coverage and publicity

Growing Pains
Email list serves- when regular email won’t work anymore
Hosting website and list serve- finding friends
A better website and registering your name- upgrading your site
Sign up lists- how to know if people are coming to your class
Forms- using the internet and free tools to do the work for you

Not Ready for a Free School?
Other options to a full Free School- starting with a class or two

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