Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cheese, Soap, Bikes, Meals, Sprouts, Energy, Embroidery, Bread

What do all these things have in common? They're all new Seattle Free School classes. As promised you blog readers are the first to hear about it, which is very important for the new cheese classes as class size will be very limited due to space. So here's the news:

Many of these classes will be at Sustainable Ballard so here's the schedule for that:

On Saturday the 27th of September we have:

noon- No kneed bread making-delicious bread with less work!

1pm Embroidery- if you missed our last wonderful class with Grace here's your chance to take it now!

2pm sprouting-learn to grow your own delicious sprouts

3pm Laundry soap- ever get sick of those containers for laundry soap, or the cost? Come learn to make 3 gallons of laundry soap for less then $3! What's better yet is that you'll never have another laundry soap container to throw away ever!

4pm energy work- learn to maximize your flow of chi with very simple methods

On Sunday the 28th of September we have:

noon Sprouting- a repeat of our Saturday class for those that couldn't make it

1pm Laundry Soap- another repeat of a Saturday class

2pm Bicycle Maintenance- come learn the basic things you can do to keep your sustainable transportation in good running order

3pm Meal Planning- ever find yourself spending too much eating out? Come learn how to plan and shop to maximise your effort and time.

4pm Energy Work- another repeat of a Saturday class

Wow! That's a lot of classes!!!


Finally we have our new cheese making classes. These classes will have very limited attendance due to the kitchen size we have available to us so sign up soon!

The first class will be on October 20th. This class will cover Mascarpone and Feta cheeses. The class will be at Cascade People's Center in their kitchen and will start promptly at 7pm. Please only sign up for this class if you can make it to Cascade People's Center and be ready to learn by 7pm. You can sign up for this class here

The second cheese class will be on November 6th at the Cascade People's Center. This class will start promptly at 6pm so again, please only sign up if you're able to be at the Cascade People's Center and ready to learn by 6pm. This class will cover more advanced cheese making including either Cheddar or Gouda (I haven't decided which yet!) as well as mascarpone and possibly feta or chevre. This class will be a long class, getting out no earlier then 9pm so again, if you can't stay for the full time please leave the space open for someone who can. I promise we'll have more cheese making classes coming up in 2009! You can sign up for this class here.


Robj98168 said...

So where is the sign up list for the classes at sustainable ballard?

Seattle Free School said...

No sign up... just show up!