Monday, June 30, 2008

Super Special Announcement

Just for all you folks who have signed up for the blog. We're going to be having our first class at the Cascade People's Center! August 11th I (Jessica) will be teaching hot process soap making. This is the class I've wanted to teach for some time now but sadly the libraries don't have ovens (really, I'm not complaining... I've been tickled at the ones that have a sink!). This type of soap process allows you to add all sorts of ingredients, not just dried ones. Wonder what to do with those used coffee grounds? Turn them into soap! Got a cucumber that's gonna go bad? Turn it into soap! Not only is this process great for using additives you have on hand, but you can use the soap right away. Once it's cool enough to handle at least!

A sign up sheet will be up later though honestly I think the space can hold a large number of people. YAY! No more making soap in the library (or at least not for a good long time).

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