Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Classes Posted!

Well being that it's April now it was time to schedule classes at the library for July and so we have. We'll be having classes in Keeping Bees in the City, Keeping Chickens in the City and Soap Making (of course) in July plus a number of other classes that should be posted next week. There are also canning classes in both August and September posted. How strange to plan your life that far in advance eh?!

The note about more classes coming reminds me to remind you all that there's an organizers meeting tomorrow night at Allegro Coffee in the U district. It will be at 7pm and we'll meet upstairs. Anyone and everyone is welcome so feel free to show up! I want to give extra kudos to Allegro for not only being great about having our meetings there but also being open to us having smaller classes there... again, these should be posted next week! YAY!

There's also some potentially great news about space use though I'm not saying any more lest I jinx it (please knock on wood now!). One way or the other the press we've been getting is super helpful with getting the word out to people about what we're doing and helping us find places for classes. So thanks to all you journalists that have helped us! We really do appreciate it more then we could ever tell you!

Finally, I just want to give big fat kudos to the Seattle Public Library for letting us have classes in their spaces including ones that I might be scared about having in places with carpet (soap making... cheese making... and yes, of course we'll have every surface covered so as not to cause problems). These folks have been absolutely wonderful about us using their space and it's been a great pleasure working with them.

As a final note, currently the classes held at the Seattle Public Library are not sponsored by the library... but who knows what we'll work out in the future!

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